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27. Juni 2012 Flo

CrossFit as a intercultural language?

Yesterday: Chatti at the Knee To Elbows and Lucia performing Russian Style Kettlebell Swings!

Why is CrossFit a Universal Language? There are a few true universal languages in the world: Math, religion, and the language of health. CrossFit is the most standardized of all languages of health. In anatomy, words are different across different languages and cultures and practices. Even throughout fitness, exercises have different names everywhere you go. However, CrossFit is universal! on Monday Vicki arrived to Berlin for a week trip from Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA. She’s somewhat new to CrossFit and was nervous about adjusting to our workouts, specifically our terminology. When I told her the WOD was „Barbara“, she smiled and replied, „20 Pullups, 30 Pushups, 40 Situps, 50 Air Squats, 5 (or 3) rounds for time?!“…her excitement about the workout connected CrossFit culture across a continent in just one word: Barbara. That is the beauty of the universal language that is CrossFit.

Workout Of The Day:

A) 5×3 Power Cleans
B) Tabata Situps