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How Much Weight Should I Use For Olympic Lifts In A MetCon WOD?

One of the beauties of CrossFit are the challenges that fatigue presents when doing complex exercises like Olympic lifts during a WOD. On Thursday the WOD involved 7 rounds of three exercises for time, with a 15 minute time limit. This meant fast, intense lifting, in this case with the Clean & Jerk. A common question presented during the warmup was: how much weight should I use? Naturally this is an inexact science. While the trainers can prescribe a weight (50% of 3RM) many either do not know the exact number or have not done the exercise in long enough that there are fluctuations in strength. As different metabolic pathways are utilized over the course of the workout, fatigue arguably becomes the biggest variable in this equation because each person has different types and levels of stamina/endurance. One person might be able to maintain proper form for 7 rounds at a certain weight while another can only manage five. Here, we must remember: SAFETY FIRST! Always err on the side of caution when choosing a weight for a WOD like this, and favor excellent form over heavy weight. It’s a long journey through the WOD, there are plenty of chances to push yourself without using a weight that is too heavy! If you push yourself, maintain proper technique, and stay safe, you will get a great workout no matter what!

Workout Of The Day:

A) 400m Buddy Carry Anyhow
B) 12-11-10-…-3-2-1
Box Step Ups 20″/16″ @48kg/32kg
Ring Dips

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