Injuries And Mobility

Bringing the elbows up is very important for the front squat and the position is often hindered by the mobility of the upper arms. It is an easy fix though. See for yourself and join our mobility classes!

How Mobility Work Helps With Injuries, Part 2

When an athlete gets injured, they often find themselves with an abundance of spare time on their hands. Workouts are shorter and more scaled, and physically active hobbies such as swimming, cycling, rock climbing & team sport often have to be put on hold for the duration of the rehabilitation period. A committed athlete looks to maximize his or her use of time, so should they simply use those free hours for leisure? No way! Every athlete has what Kelly Starret calls „goats“, those trouble spots that we know about, complain about, and are too lazy/scared to spend time fixing. Always saying „I wish I had an extra hour every week to work on my rotator cuff“? Now you’ve got it! Working out while injured is something every athlete should do. Anabolic cascade, neuroendocrine response, and hormone balance are just a few of the reasons that it is beneficial to continue training through injuries. Make good use of your time, even if your conservative doctor orders you to sit on the couch!! Have a good day, CrossFitters. (J)

Workout Of The Day

A)3×5 Press
Front Squats @3RM Power Clean
strict Pullups

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