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WOD - 29.08.2013

Todays workout is another very quick one. Or not. How well can you keep your midline stable and not burn your triceps pushing up? Come on, it’s just three rounds. Keep it intense.

A) Strength

Power Clean(&Jerk)
Basic:         5×3 +1kg
Advanced: 7×3@75%1RM

PullUps   5x Maximum Effort

B) Conditioning

3 Rounds For Time of:
*5 Squat Cleans at 75% of your 1RM Power Clean
*25 Pushups

WOD - 28.08.2013

Todays workout friends, hope you enjoyed it! Thank you Michelle and Ted for joining us while on vacation. We hope that this wod challenges you as much as the Workouts at you home box. Cheers to Seattle!

A) Strength
Back Squat & Bench Press
Basic: 3×5 +2,5kg/1kg
Advanced: 3×7 @75% of your 1RM

B) MetCon
*5 Thruster @85% of your 1RM Press
*Air Squats for Reps

This workout seems to be dedicated to the Space Needle, Seattles highest monument. Ted may actually be Seattles tallest citizen, at least the tallest visiting Berlin these days. He may not have enjoyed this workout as much as others, but who does this sport for comfort anyways?

The thruster even a bit more than the air squat require you to reach as much extension as possible. Do it as quick as you can while maintaining a mindful pace in order to neither burn out nor end up with some gas in the tank. Five minutes can be short but also very long, if you burn out during the air squats and can not manage to do the next thrusters quick enough. How well did you do? Post your scores as comments!

Photo © Sir J a.k.a. Janosch Boesche

WOD - 27.08.2013

A) Strength

Farmers Carry 400m AHAP (As Heavy As Possible with minimum breaks) 😉

B) Metabolic Conditioning

*8 K2E
*8 OH Lunges, each leg (or: 16 alternating)
*32 Double unders

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