6. CFW 24h WOD – ein Erfahrungsbericht


At CrossFit Werk we’re looking forward to our annual CFW 24h WOD!

For the seventh time we will push ourselves to the limit, suffer anew every hour and sweat until we can’t sweat no more… oh, it’s also FUN! A little, we suppose.. 😉
The Workouts will be announced every full hour, starting at 10am on Saturday.
Read the story of one of our former athletes – Sara – who went through the experience not only once but twice! 


How would you describe your second 24 hour WOD?

They say that when you give birth to your first child, you swear that you will never have another. Over time you forget, and one day you become pregnant again. At first you are really excited, and suddenly, you have a flashback and you realise that you will have to go through labour all over again. This is the only way I can describe the 24 hour WOD, and how I suddenly found myself doing it for a second time…

How did you survive the workouts?

With the help of the rest of the team! The mutual support is one of the best things about CrossFit and is more necessary than ever during the 24hour WOD! Dagmar and I came up with a strategy during the 250 overhead lunges, for example, doing sets of 25 together, with short breaks in between. We were pretty proud of that at 6am- it worked well!

What was your personal highlight?

The surprise Pizza delivery at 22:00. Or running through the snow in the middle of the night during “Murph”. Oh or managing repeated sets of 2 Handstand Pushups during the very last WOD…

What was the toughest point?

Probably dragging Svea at the end of the Fireman Challenge (sorry Svea!)- I literally felt like I couldn’t take another step. Although that was also the most fun workout of them all!

How did you feel after the 24 hours?

Mostly exhausted and confused as to what time it was. But also an amazing sense of accomplishment that is hard to describe – you just have to do it!

Would you do it again?

Never. Well, until next year. 😉

If you’re up to the challenge, join us on January 14+15 for the 7th CrossFit Werk 24h WOD!

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