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A blue gate!

We just announced, that we are moving! Hoping that you have had some time to digest the great news, we hereby would like to feed your curiosity and give you more details about how to get to the new CrossFit Werk in Berlin. This new home in Mitte is protected by and accessible through this amazing blue gate.

It might let you think „Wow!“, because this is one of the gates that only the coolest and most original boxes have. Be patient for a little longer to see what great space of opportunities awaits behind. We’ll tell you soon.

There are three public transportation stations in close reach. The bus stop is just on the street and two train stations – one of those is also a metro station – are within 5 minutes walking distance (considering a typical fit person walking):

U-/S-Bahnhof Wedding (metro and train station)
with metro line U6 and
train lines S41/S42 (Circle Line)

S-Bahnhof Humboldthain (train station)
with train lines S1/S2/S25

Bus stop Nettelbeckplatz
with bus lines M27 and 247

Somewhere here in this neighborhood lies the new home to the people that care so much about fitness and community.


We are moving!

Being the first CrossFit Box in Berlin, we are proud that our great community is widely spread from all areas and scenes of the Hauptstadt. This lead into the greatest challenge, which is finding a location that would be accessible by public transportation and being well connected to paved road infrastructure. We took this issue very seriously and did not chose the new location lightheartedly. There is a variety of options to reach the new box with public transportation in quite acceptable travel time:

In 20 minutes from Berlin Alexanderplatz

In  15 minutes from Central Station/ Hauptbahnhof

In 19 minutes from Wittenbergplatz/ Kurfürstendamm

In 13 minutes from Messe Nord/ ICC

In 23 minutes from Warschauer Straße

In 20 minutes from Berlin Südkreuz

There are a ton of options. Compared to our current location, all of the above are at least within half the walking distance compared to what we are used to now: from Südkreuz to the box. Not to mention coming by bike or car. We will have parking spots available just outside the new box as well – and still private enough that you can neglect the typical urban struggle.

With all the change that is coming, let me be clear on a few things that we will never change:
CrossFit Werk will always be a place where great minds unite to move large loads, over long distances as fast as possible!
We will always be trying to increase our work capacity across broad time and modal domains through constantly varied, functional movements that we preform at high intensity to be the best self we can possibly be!

Not only is each and every one of you getting stronger, we as a community are striving for the better! This is a big step for us both as community as well as the CrossFit Werk itself and we sincerely hope that you will stay on board during this adventure, that is waiting for us behind an amazing gate!


Erste Olympia-Fanmeile in Berlin

Als Sportler kommen wir um die Olympischen Sommerspiele in London nicht herum. Neben dem eigenen CrossFit-Training wird in den Wochen des sportlichen Wettstreits immer Wieder Zeit zum Verfolgen der Medaillen. In Berlin feiern wir dazu eine Premiere. Was bei Fußball Welt- und Europameisterschaft schon fast Gewohnheit ist, gibt es nun auch zu Olympia: Die erste Fanmeile in Europa befindet sich auf dem Tempelhofer Feld. Außer der Live-Übertragung der deutschen Beteiligungen wird es außerdem ein sportliches Rahmenprogramm geben, zu dem alle Besucher eingeladen seien.

Hier seht Ihr einen kleinen Rundflug über das Veranstaltungsgelände in Tempelhof.

Wir Ihr erkennen könnt, gibt es Beachvolleyball, Fußball-Käfige, 100m Laufbahn, Kunstrasenplatz und viel viel Platz zum Olympia gucken auf der Videowand.

Sport-Partner der Spiele in Berlin

  • Alba Berlin
  • Berlin Recycling Volleys
  • Berliner Hockey Club
  • Hertha BSC
  • Original Bootcamp
  • Reitverein Luisenhof
  • SCC und Radio Eins Rollfeld
  • Gekkos Berlin – Speedminton

Tempelhofer Freiheit, Haupteingang Tempelhofer Damm
27. Juli – 12. August 2012, täglich von 10:00 – ca. 22:30 Uhr

Weitere Informationen findet auf der Webseite und tagesaktuell auf der Facebook Fanpage

LONDON 2012, Berlin fiebert mit!

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